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Jen Biegen

Program Coordinator

Why I work at Impact on Education:
When I left the high school English classroom after 19 years to focus more on my children, my heart and soul stayed with public education and all its challenges and achievements. Finding Impact on Education and the ability to leverage my teaching experience and my instinctual social action drive to support my own local school district students, educators, and schools opened the door to a new professional chapter. A true lifelong learner, I’m always seeking ways to revise and improve and raise the bar, now outside the classroom but still in public education!

What makes me smile:
A respectable scoop of homemade ice cream or gelato, listening to my kids read to me, seeing my kids in their “zones”, hearing from former students, watching snow fall, and learning when the next season of Cobra Kai is coming out!

Favorite teacher
I have so many favorite teachers or mentors who influenced me to fulfill my mission of teaching: Ms. Timoney, former NYC Rockette and also the smartest woman and toughest teacher I’ve known, who made students cry and administrators fear interrupting her AP Lit class; Ms. Swan, who helped an insecure 9th grader see more beauty in herself and showed me how a teacher can also be a mentor; Dr. Dillingham and Dr. McCauley from Emory University who opened my eyes to the power of self-reliance and whom I still connect with today; finally, Rebecca Glawe, my student teaching mentor, whose ability to hold students to a high standard while building self-esteem became one of my core teaching practices and who left me alone the second the bell rang that first day in front of students to build my own authority and confidence as a teacher!

More about me:
Always in motion, I moved with my family from Detroit to South Florida at age 12, spent first years of college at Duke, transferred to Emory, and then moved up to Chicago afterward despite never having visited and not knowing a soul. After earning my master’s degree from University of Chicago, I taught in the western suburbs of Chicago for 12 years, spent summers working and traveling abroad, and finally moved to Denver in search of a slower-paced, outdoorsy life. I love the mountains and the sunshine but deeply miss Cafe Iberico and Joy’s Noodles in Chicago, the ease of walking everywhere, and even parallel parking. I speak three languages–Italian, Spanish, English–and love mixing them up in my head just to keep that linguistic machine well-oiled. And I’m a sad Detroit Lions fan. 

Ask me about:
My best yay and nay teacher moments, why I hated reading and loved math but felt driven to become an English teacher, my summer as an au pair in Italy, my adult years winning floor hockey and softball championships, and my obsession with Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

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