Adelante (retired program)


“I think that the Adelante Program is a very helpful class to help us improve our grades. The thing that makes the Adelante Program great is that we have so many great tutors like Carolee and Jarrett. All of the tutors we have help each and every one of us in any subject. Honestly, without our tutors in Adelante, I would be lost; my grades would drop and there wouldn’t be anyone to push me and have me do my work.”
— J. A., sophomore

“I am so grateful to the tutors that help us in Adelante and after school because they help us a lot. They teach us many things including talking with us about going to college. They inspire me to go to college. They want us to have a good education.”
— J. G., senior

“I think without the amount of help we have and so many diverse classes, many of us wouldn’t be able to do as great as we could have. We feel supported and appreciated. What they do is not only push us to do better, but to reach higher expectations. I have learned so much: study techniques, ways to solve problems, ways to see things differently. This doesn’t only help us in school, but also in life. The tutors’ help is essential to our personal growth.”
— C. D. N., senior