2019-2020 CIG Grant Recipients

2019-2020 Classroom Innovation Grant Projects

We are thrilled to announce the 31 enriching projects receiving funding from our CLASSROOM INNOVATION GRANTS program.

But, before we reveal the recipients, here are some inspiring facts about this year’s funded projects:

8 Individual grants
23 Collaborative grants
63 educators supported

The grants will enrich the education of students in grades K-12, across 23 different schools, in disciplines ranging from social-emotional learning to science to literacy to physical education to social studies to math and practical arts.


Angevine Middle School
Lisa Omori-Jones & Robin Stone: Can You Hear Me Now?
Arapahoe Ridge High School
Carolyn Puska: Poetry-Writing Workshops: Students Expressing Their Voices and Developing Empathy Through Spoken Word Poetry
Boulder High School
Jane Moody & Mim Campos: Social Emotional Learning for Newcomers
Boulder Prep High School
Curtis Smith & Kerrin Duffey: Digital Storytelling Across Content
Casey Middle School
Mai Vu & Johanna Freund: Altitude Learning
Centaurus High School
Cacia Steensen & Kristen McDermott: Molecular Understanding Leads to Real-World Solutions!
Centaurus High School
Danielle Hesse & Lauren Laucius: Social Emotional Learning for Newcomers
Centaurus High School
Nicholas Cady, Craig Hoeltgen, Ann Root, & Mike Ross: 3D Printer–Makerbot Mini
Community Montessori School
Anna Lull: Big LEGO Project
Crest View Elementary School
Erin Shea-Bower: Colorado Shakespeare Festival’s Will Power Program 2019-2020
Escuela Bilingue Pioneer Elementary School
Beth Huston & Delia Saenz: Who Am I as a Learner?
Escuela Bilingue Pioneer Elementary School
Michelle Eubank, Alberto Gaspar, Marta Quezada, & Bill Vivas: Recycled Circuits
Fireside Elementary School
David Millard, Stacy Winsberg, & Jennifer Hart: School Video News Program
Foothill Elementary School
Scott Schwartz, Kal Stumpf, & Nimia Nelson: Using TEACCH Shoebox Tasks to Increase On-Task Behaviors for Students with Intellectual Disabilities
Gold Hill School
Susan Kidder & Elizabeth Demoney: Investigating Interdependence in Nature
Halcyon School
Deb Crowell: Materials for an Activity-Based Social Emotional Life Skills Group
Horizons K-8 School
Carol Schwendener & Lisa Kihn: Snow Science Expedition: Learning the Importance of Snowpack in Our Local Water Cycle
Horizons K-8 School
Wendy Thoreson & Beth Coleman: It’s for the Birds!
Kohl Elementary School
Therese Lutkus & Fraylan Gonzales: Cinderella, Is That You?
Louisville Middle School
Kelton Kragor & Christine Hannum: Loss of Identity: The Struggle of Indigenous People
Monarch High School
Elizabeth Theole: Anatomy for Yogis
Monarch High School/Fairview High School
Claudia LaStella & Rebecca Trainor: Cutting Through the Issues
Nederland Elementary
Randy Sachter, Larissa Albright, & Brenda Theodoraka: Bringing Literature to Life Through Engineering
Peak to Peak Charter School
Andy Matthews & Belinda Garcia: Big/Little Buddies Book Project
Peak to Peak Charter School
Michelle Eckstein: Design Thinking with UBTECH Robots
Ryan Elementary School
Kha Xiong & Miriam Wright: A Reflection of Ourselves: Empowering Heritage Languages
University Hill Elementary School
Mary Gilreath & Stacie Aldana: Creating Affirming Classrooms for All Diversities in School Environments
University Hill Elementary School
Mary Powell: Weaving Connections/Conexiones de Tejido
University Hill Elementary School
Melissa Tobin, Yaneth Cortes, Pepa Rascon, & Carolina Henderson: Using C-Pen Reader Pens to Support Struggling Readers in English and Spanish
University Hill Elementary School
Steven Kless: Luces, Camara, Accion…
Whittier Elementary School
Loran Lattes & Tamar Van Vliet: Building a Culture of Readers

2019-2020 Pathways to Jazz Music Grant Projects 

This year, Impact has partnered with Pathways to Jazz, a Boulder organization that exists to assist musicians in creating wider access to music and developing their own musical and educational knowledge, to offer almost $11,000 to fund five collaborative and eight individual grants to BVSD music educators that our volunteer community readers and Pathways believe will positively impact our BVSD students and schools and enhance our students’ learning and love of music!  We look forward to continuing this partnership to further cultivate BVSD’s music programs and strive to instill and grow the love of music in our students throughout the district!


Alicia Sanchez Elementary School, Escuela Bilingue Pioneer Elementary School, Lafayette Elementary School, & Ryan Elementary School
Ingrid Parker & Jennifer Shea: Equity in Instrumental Music: Music Stands
Aspen Creek K-8 School
Ryan Laney: Individual Instrument Tutors
Birch Elementary School
Kim Hohensee: Sound and Science
Centennial Middle School
Jonathan Georgitis, Anne Paulu, & Jennifer Dunn: Mobile Music/Podcasting Studio and Audio Collaboration Club
Creekside Elementary School
Elizabeth McCord: Orff Instrument Repair
Eldorado K-8 School
Jan Osburn: Ukulele Songwriting Cafe
Eldorado K-8 School
John Kempsell: Guest Artists of Developing Individual Achievement
Heatherwood Elementary School
Lynette Schulz: Tenor/Alto Xylophone Addition
High Peaks Elementary School
Christmas Gainbrugh & Sara Weatherly: The Sound of Color: A Music and Poetry Video Collaboration
Monarch High School
Kate Klotz: All that Jazz
Monarch High School
Clare Church: Composer and Arranger Partnership Project
New Vista High School
Cory Potash & Marinela Maneiro-Goodwin: Mbira Workshop Instrument Procurement to Support Community Music
University Hill Elementary School
Kevin Goddard & Ignacio Figueroa: Creative Opportunity Through Instrumental Music

2018-19 Recipients

We are thrilled to announce the 29 fantastic projects receiving funding from our CLASSROOM INNOVATION GRANTS.

But, before we reveal the recipients, here are some inspiring facts about the awardees this year:

9 Individual grants
20 Collaborative grants
61 educators supported
3742 students impacted


22 different schools covering Lafayette, Broomfield, Superior, Boulder, Gold Hill, and Nederland and ranging from elementary to high school, alternative to traditional


Content Areas range from Post-Secondary Readiness for First-Generation Students to Career Services to Practical Arts to Fine Arts to Special Education to Social Emotional Learning to Literacy to Science to Social Studies to Math
Read about our Classroom Innovation Grant program highlighted in our local Daily Camera

Our educators are already jumping for joy:

“This grant will have a HUGE impact on my students and make a big difference in my teaching!”

“My students and I are so excited!  Thank you so much for this opportunity!”
” I know the students join us in saying a huge thank you for making this possible.”


The 2018-2019 Classroom Innovation Grant Recipients:


Alicia Sanchez International School
Retta Kelley and Terri Mitchell : “Sew Perfect Sewing Center”
Serafine Turcotte, Brianna Santander, and Susie Tran: “1st Grade Businesses”


Bear Creek Elementary School
Beth Ellis: “Happy Atoms Lead the Way to Next Generation Science”


Birch Elementary School
Marnie Greene: “Touch Math Intervention”


Boulder High School
Michelle Carpenter and Jennifer Douglas Larsson: “College Now for First-Generation Students”
Dave Blessing, Jill Campbell, Kate Villarreal, and Lori Llerandi: “Creating 360 & Painting in VR 3D”


Boulder Prep High School
Lili Adeli: “3D Printing–The Wave of the Future”
Dominick Walls and Lorena Rivera: “Virtual Reality in the Classroom”
Justin St. Onge and John McConachy: “Water in the West”


Broomfield Heights Middle School
Jack McCloud and Jill Hudson: “3D Carving in Art, Technology, & Design”


Casey Middle School
Erin Mayer and Jacqueline Esler: “How Can We Sense so Many Different Sounds from a Distance?”


Centennial Middle School
Sophie Ramus: “Does Converting Tables into Whiteboard Math Workshops Improve Visual, Critical Thinking, and Oracy Skills in Math Students?”


Community Montessori Elementary School
Becky Root: “Shakespeare”


Eldorado PK-8 School
Anne Wild, Breeann Hagan, and Lindsey Dantino: “Cue Robots Supporting Math Learning”


Escuela Bilingue Pioneer Elementary
Kari Abankwah, Jessica Cirelli, and Susan Daly: “Home School Connection Through Reading and Making”


Gold Hill Elementary School
Christine Maedke and Daniel Maedke: “Agricultural Study”


Halcyon School
Deb Crowell and Stephanie Patterson: “Classroom Calm Down and Focus Re-Model”


Horizons K-8 School
Adam Brink: “Teaching Persistence in Problem Solving (The Fun Way!)”
Ryan Conrad, Karen Dimetrosky, Christine Shoemaker, and Elisabeth Duckworth: “Multisensory Literacy Instruction”


Lafayette Elementary School
Karen Mackie and Carolan Covington: “LEGO Coders and Engineers”


Nederland Elementary School
Randy Sachter and Katie Sylvest: “Engineering Strong Minds”


New Vista High School
Cory Potash: “Developing Rhythm from the Inside Out”


Peak to Peak Charter School
Lauren Sessions and Kristie Letter: “3D Medical Innovations for Colorado Children”
Michelle Eckstein and Marti Oliva: “Creating Virtual Tours of Colorado”


Platt CHOICE Middle School
Josh Feiger: “Makey Makey: Teaching Earth Science Through Interactive Story”


Superior Elementary School
Tracy Huffman, Cathy Shelby, Megan Schumacher, and Vanessa Higgins: “Lights, Camera, Action: Students Create Capstone Films to Showcase Learning”
Deb Seigel, Erikka Gallegos, and Alexa Adix: “Disability Awareness Unit”


University Hill Elementary School
Yaneth Cortes-Wiland: “Explicit Multi-Sensory Application for Special Education Students”


Whittier Elementary School
Loran Lattes, Kent McClannan, Leah Carmalt, and Sarah Lumbard: “Hands-On STEM Education with Building, Circuitry, and Coding”