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Impact on Education is committed to equalizing opportunity in education across racial and socioeconomic lines. We understand how important education is in determining a child’s future, and we work every day to ensure all Boulder Valley students have a bright path forward.

We acknowledge that distributing funds and resources equally throughout our schools does not address underlying inequalities, so we prioritize causes, schools, and students facing the largest obstacles to success. Unfortunately, it is not a coincidence that the students and schools most in need of our support are communities of color.

Our role in fighting systemic racism and social injustices is to support equitable education. We are committed to our mission and are in constant inquiry as to how we can do better.


Impact on Education supports students in Boulder Valley public schools with supplemental funding and resources in order to address critical needs and opportunity gaps.


What I Know Now: Marta Loachamin

“As students, we have to start asking the really important question of who’s making the decisions for us.” Marta Loachamin…

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Carly Hare Uses Her Own Education Experiences to Inform Equity Work at IOE

Our board vice chair, Carly Hare, has made a career of navigating the intersections of philanthropy, identity and equity.

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Our Actions Must Speak Louder Than Words

Our work to embrace diversity, to champion equity, to become more inclusive and to ensure justice is finally poised to move beyond talk and into action.

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Impact on Education Refuses to be Complicit

We’re committed to leveling the playing field of public education in our community and acknowledge that we have not yet done enough to provide equal opportunity for all students.

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