Published March 12, 2020

Impact on Education is proud to announce that this year’s recipient of the Blake Peterson Lifetime Achievement Award is Sue Taddeucci, a Special Education Multi-Intensive Learning Center Teacher at Southern Hills Middle School

The 2020 Blake Peterson Lifetime Achievement Award winner Sue Taddeucci exemplifies what Blake Peterson valued most in educators– extraordinary heart for the students she works with. This commitment is best exemplified by how Sue individualizes her approach to working with each student’s needs and strengths to optimize their potential. Her endless enthusiasm in working with families, pioneering new teaching approaches, facilitating the groundbreaking peer tutoring program, and mentoring an incredible number of educators in special education has changed the lives of countless individuals in our district and throughout the state.

Sue has been serving the entire BVSD community since 2007, when she arrived at Creekside Elementary in their preschool program. She’s been catalyzing and innovating within the Special Education department at Southern Hills Middle since 2010, and building a norm of inclusivity in the process: Her tireless dedication to partnering with all of the positive influences and roles in a student’s life–parents, caregivers, families, student classmates, paraeducators, colleagues, district administrators–with only the goal of that student’s growth as the focus had led to progression and learning that is truly transformative. 

Equally important, her sphere of positive impact extends beyond her classroom walls to those far beyond BVSD: Her sustaining of the Peer Tutoring Program has caught the eyes of the Colorado Department of Education and her energetic, inclusive teaching style has become a positive model for special education teachers and programs across the state. 

Thank you, Sue, for bringing out the best in your students and in all those around you!

Read about Sue in the Daily Camera

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