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To our committed community, 

A few days ago, our Board of Directors gathered for the first time since May 21. In addition to the routine items on our agenda, we prioritized making space for a frank conversation about the role of equity and race within Impact on Education. We believe strongly that Black Lives Matter and are committed to making change through equity in public education.

The mission of our organization is to support students in Boulder Valley public schools with supplemental funding and resources in order to address critical needs and achievement gaps. But let us be clear: the fact that our mission aligns with goals of diversity, equity, and inclusion does not mean we believe that we’re already doing the best we can. In fact, because we’re committed to leveling the playing field of public education in our community, we hold ourselves to a higher standard and acknowledge that we have not yet done enough to provide equal opportunity for all students. 

Boulder Valley School District has one of the largest and most persistent achievement gaps in the nation. To address this, in 2019 BVSD released their 5-year strategic plan, All Together for All Students, in which they make clear 3 goals: 

  • Reduce disparities in achievement, 
  • Ensure all students receive a relevant and challenging education, and 
  • Prepare every student for success after graduation. 

As the foundation for the district, we’re proud to play an active role in working towards these goals. We’re also here to hold them accountable. 

Our staff and Board members committed to closely examine every aspect of our programs, strategies, and partnerships through the lens of equity and inclusion. We’ll ask ourselves the difficult questions, maintaining an ongoing inquiry as to how we can better support our students of color and educate our white students on the systems they may find invisible. 

We’re committed to giving this work the time it deserves. We’ll provide updates on our progress, and we welcome questions or feedback on how we can do better. We truly value your input and your partnership.

Thank you for your ongoing support. 

With gratitude,
Allison Billings, Executive Director

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