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This week, rather than looking ahead to the cool classes and projects their students will be engaging and tackling this semester, many families are navigating the immediate challenge of internet access. Some families still need to acquire internet service or need help paying for it while others may not have adequate bandwidth to handle all of the video calls and online course curriculum required.

With that reality in mind, we are sharing information about how families can get internet access as well as some tips for maximizing your current service.

It will be nice once all students can simply focus on their learning instead of the internet service connecting them to school, but it is important to know that Impact on Education is committed to ensuring that all students have reliable internet access so that they can continue to learn even when that learning can’t happen in person.

Before changing providers or making other changes, consider these tips:

Going backward to go forward

It may seem counterintuitive to return to using ethernet to connect to the internet, but experts say ethernet is not only faster but also more reliable with no walls or distance to overcome. One way to put this idea into use is to plug an ethernet cable into your computer. Or, you can have one device in the house that typically uses Wifi use ethernet to free up the Wifi.

Location, location, location

All the sources on this topic claim that router location is the most important factor in Wifi reliability and capacity: The consensus place to put your router is high up, with fewer walls and appliances/furniture to go through, and close to the modem. Close to the ground, inside a closet, in the basement, under a desk are all places that inhibit the speed and reliability of something students and families will depend on more than ever this year! So, choose your router’s location carefully.

Time for an upgrade

If you’ve tried the above expert tips, and your internet is still sluggish, it may be time for an upgrade of either or both your router or your internet. The standard Wifi router that comes with your service that you may even be renting is likely not the most up to date, and upgrading it by purchasing a better one typically results in a faster speed.  That being said, a call to your provider, especially if you’ve had the same one for a while, about their latest speed options may result in a quick upgrade.

Still not connecting?

Families in financial need have a variety of options to receive free internet access. If you need assistance with this process or if you’ve tried the above and still aren’t able to log in, reach out to the BVSD Help Desk at or 720-561-4357, and they can offer additional assistance.

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