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We’re excited to introduce you to our new Program Manager, Matt Tebo. Matt will oversee programmatic initiatives, investments, and evaluation in close coordination with the Boulder Valley School District and other partners.

He brings five years of program management and capacity building experience from the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools, with a particular focus on early childhood education and career readiness. He holds a BA from the University of Colorado Boulder and an MBA from Nebraska Wesleyan University.

The importance of education

Matt believes human potential is unlimited but knows that opportunity is not. He wants to live in a world where public schools have everything they need to help students reach their potential. “Sometimes all they need is a little flexibility and we can help with that,” Matt says. “I believe strongly in the work of public schools and know how a foundation can support a District.”

On our educational journeys, each of us gets the rare chance to truly create from scratch and create new understanding for ourselves. “We rarely do it alone, so we also create a community,” Matt says. “I don’t know of a more worthy pursuit than learning with and from each other.”

More about Matt

Matt grew up in New Mexico and came to Colorado to run track and cross country at the University of Colorado Boulder. While here, he met his wife Jess – who is by far the best runner in their family. They chased their dreams in Seattle and Lincoln, Nebraska before moving their family back to Colorado. Matt loves Colorado for the outdoors and the opportunity to have their kids grow up near cousins, 2nd cousins, grandparents, great-grands, aunts, and uncles.

What makes him smile
Catching crawdads and wrestling with his kids (Abe and Frank). Going on a little run with Jess. 

Ask him about
Social entrepreneurship, distance running, or the beauty of the southwest (specifically New Mexico and Colorado)

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