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Announcing our 2024 scholarship recipients

Scholarships play a pivotal role in empowering students to pursue their educational dreams without the burden of financial constraints.

This year we provided over $53,500 in scholarships for Boulder Valley School District graduates, including $28,500 in scholarship renewals for 16 students. And graduating seniors in the Class of 2024 were awarded over $100,000!

Scholarships awarded to the Class of 2024 are all renewable for two to four years, with the potential to contribute $94,000 toward their post-secondary education.

Scholarship applications are reviewed by trained community volunteers, and student winners are selected based upon their academic achievement, financial need, and other eligibility requirements.

Congratulations to this year’s recipients!

*The Independent Order of the Odd Fellows and Panther Pride scholarship winners will be announced soon.

2024 Scholarship Winners

Houston Scholarship

New this year, the Houston scholarship honors a family member whose dedication to taking care of their family financially, meant they were unable to pursue their dream of formal education. The scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate academic achievement and financial need, and each scholarship is renewable for up to four years.

Kevin Botello, Boulder High

Kevin plans to study engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado School of Mines, or Regis University.

“As an engineer I believe I can help solve many different types of programs and help make the world a better place for all of us. There are so many issues that are currently facing us as humans and we can work through some of these challenges through engineering.”

Jair Ortega, Boulder High

Jair plans to attend the University of Colorado Boulder.

“My educational goal of being a first generation college student is more than just something that’s personal to me. It is also a testament to the impact of determination, perseverance and hope has on defying expectation. Breaking down barriers of cultural and social limitations.”

Earl & Barbara Bolton Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a student who plans to pursue careers in engineering, forestry, nursing or the sciences, and is renewable for up to four years.

Abigail Bensler, Monarch High

Abigail plans to pursue a biomedical education at Colorado State University.

“Whether it is through a wide-reaching medical practice or simply helping people within my own community, I want to spend my career bettering humanity. I am motivated by my own personal experiences with my father’s sickness. His fight and struggles showed me that everyone deserves the best medical care, and a chance to live a strong and healthy life.”

Dennie & Donna Wise Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded to students pursuing a vocational, technical or community college education. Each scholarship is renewable for up to two years. 

Yareli Ordaz, Boulder High

Yareli plans to study nursing at Front Range Community College.

“The Latinx community and I Have a Dream Foundation have helped me be a better person and achieve my academic goals. Being bilingual is a gift, but it also makes schooling a little bit more difficult, especially reading and writing. The afterschool program has given me opportunity and the extra support I need to be successful academically and socially.”

Nicholas Folsom, Monarch High

Nicholas plans to pursue the automotive tech program at NASCAR Technical Institute in Moorsville, NC.

“Upon graduating from the NASCAR Technical Institute, I want to obtain employment in the racing industry. At a race team I would do whatever job that I am hired to do with the hopes of becoming a crew chief. I want to use the skills that I learn from attending the NASCAR Technical Institute to ensure that I will have a successful career.”

Jameson Winding, Arapahoe Ridge

Jameson plans to study Sustainability and Climate Change at Colorado Mountain College.

 “The CMC Sustainability program really stood out to me. I’m drawn to the experiential and hands-on elements of the program. The possibility that, in the not so distant future, a lot of the nature we take for granted now will be gone permanently motivates me to learn how to create a more sustainable future.”

Jeff Howenstein Panther Scholarships

This is a new scholarship for 2024, created in honor of former Boulder High AVID teacher, Jeff Howenstein, by his family and friends. The scholarship is awarded to students who participated in the AVID Program at Boulder High and is renewable for up to four years. Pictured below are the two recipients and with Jennifer DL and Kate V. who organized Howie Fest to raise the funds.

Nataly Villa, Boulder High

Nataly plans to attend the University of Denver.

“AVID made me feel like I belonged in a space where my dreams and aspirations carried weight and meaning. That I held a place and position where I could do anything that I set my mind to. That I was limitless in my endeavors. Having teachers who believed in me and who kept me on track, only inspired me to work harder.”

Andrea Herrera Rincon, Boulder High

Andrea plans to study nursing at the University of Colorado Denver.

“AVID has made a really big impact on my life and goals. Especially when it comes to self-advocacy. It taught me to have a voice and to reach out when I need help.”

Independent Order of Odd Fellows Scholarships

Recipients will be announced soon!

Panther Pride Scholarships

Recipients will be announced soon!


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