Blake Peterson Lifetime Achievement Award Nomination Form

We are proud to open up our window for Blake Peterson Lifetime Achievement Award nominations. This award, named after one of our most fervent supporters, Blake Peterson, who passed away in 2017, recognizes an individual whose own passion for education and learning mirrors that of the award’s namesake. It is given to a unique difference maker and student advocate in BVSD specifically who served in any role, from either inside or outside the classroom, in a formal or informal role, for a significant period of time. We are looking for someone who has consistently–over the course of many years– demonstrated passion and commitment to tackling barriers to student equal opportunity & equity, positively impacting students’ lives and experiences, and improving BVSD. The award-winner will be viewed as a leader and possible mentor, an identifier of issues or problems and a seeker of solutions to those problems, a motivator of peers and students, dedicated within the parameters of that individual’s role. At the core, this Blake Peterson Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes someone who has not only left an indelible mark on the lives of students but also has catalyzed a bright future for BVSD through enhancing those lives of students, the future of our own local community.

In order to submit your nomination, please fill out the form below and include two or three letters of recommendation. The letters of recommendation can be written by anyone (parent, student, colleague, administrator, community member, etc.) who can share the nominee’s qualifications outlined in the award description above; the letters must be written by two different authors.

Nominations for 2018-2019 school year are now closed.