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Katie DiMercurio

Program Director

Why I work at Impact on Education
I work at Impact on Education because I believe it is important to be involved in a meaningful way in my community. Public education has the potential to be a great equalizer in our world and gives kids from all different backgrounds the chances and opportunities. Impact on Education is vital to ensuring that kids continue to have those opportunities to succeed and grow into amazing humans.

What makes me smile
My husband getting home from a long work trip, my kitties sleeping in the sun and amazing conversations and adventures with friends and family!

Favorite teacher
My favorite teacher was my middle school chorus teacher, Mr. Stroman. He was passionate about teaching, really connected with students, understood my love for music and connected me with opportunities to expand my musicianship outside of his classroom. One of my favorite things about him is that he stays in touch with his students and cares about their success long after they leave his classroom.

More about me
As a kid, I moved all around the country before landing in Colorado in middle school. I spent the first six years of my career as an elementary music school teacher in Arizona and Colorado and got to play and teach kids every day. It was an amazing start to my career, but I ended up moving toward working in nonprofits because I wanted to be able to do more for my whole community. I moved back to Colorado in 2013, where I met my amazing husband, received a Masters in Public Administration and Nonprofit Management and began working in human services nonprofits. I’m in my sixth year of working in fundraising in nonprofits and I love the challenges and variety it brings to my life. We enjoy traveling (he’s a pilot!), exploring nature, spending time with our two kitties, and working on our never-ending house projects.

Ask me about
Teaching and playing music, what book I’m currently reading

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