Music Scholarships

Dana V Music - Music ScholarshipsIn 2011, Impact on Education sought to find a productive and positive way to provide music scholarship and education to elementary school students.  The Foundation valued providing music of a top notch, music conservatory quality that would continue with the student through high school graduation.  Impact on Education and Dana V. Music piloted this program with Ryan Elementary School and are excited to now offer scholarships to deserving, and serious students to study an instrument or voice at Dana V. Music.

Check out this video to see why we feel music is so important to students!

When you listen to music, multiple areas of your brain become engaged and active. But when you actually play an instrument, that activity becomes more like a full-body brain workout.


Available Instruments

Voice, Violin, Viola, Cello, String Bass, Piano, Guitar, Clarinet, and Saxophone.


Parental Involvement

Parents must apply for this opportunity directly to Impact on Education, and if awarded a scholarship, provide transportation to and from Dana V. Music (in Louisville, CO).  Parents are responsible for maintaining a dialogue with Dana V. Music teachers regarding assignments and progress, and supporting their child’s regular practice.


Student Involvement

Students are required to choose a course of study, attend weekly group or private lessons and participate in sponsored events.


Continues Through High School

The scholarship is eligible to be renewed every year through the student’s high school graduation.  At the end of every year a review is conducted between Dana V. Music, the student’s school, and Impact on Education based on the following criteria:

  • Students need to display regular attendance, good attitude, and respectful behavior toward school and Dana V. Music teachers.
  • Students need to strive for a respectful grade point average (determined by the student’s school).
  • Students must remain with original instrument chosen.
  • Students must attend Angevine Middle School and Centaurus High School.


Performance Opportunities

Students participating in this program will have the opportunity to present concerts for Impact on Education, School and Dana V. Music events.  Some concerts have been presented to audiences of more than 400 people.


Who Qualifies?

Incoming 5th grade students from participating elementary schools.


Options for Reduced Rate Lessons

If your child is unable to apply for the scholarship program, Dana V. Music is happy to offer to Ryan Elementary or participating school, reduced rates for private lessons only.

Dana V. Music Regular Private Rates:

$37 for 30 minutes
$48 for 45 minutes
$60 for 60 minutes

Dana V. Music “Ryan” Rates:

$30 for 30 minutes
$40 for 45 minutes

  1. Available to students K-5.
  2. If student discontinues lessons, he or she forfeits future eligibility for the reduced rate.
  3. Reduced rate is subject to change at any time.
  4. Students must register for private lessons within the associated date ranges.