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Classroom Innovation Grants

The cornerstone of this program is focused on instructional and learning innovations. Classroom Innovation Grants (CIG) are available to Pre-K, elementary, middle, charter, and high schools in the Boulder Valley School District (BVSD). Grants are awarded to individual teachers (up to $600) or collaborative teams of teachers (up to $1,200). This is a competitive grant program designed to provide funds for the most innovative, educational, and developmental activities created by BVSD teachers. This program is designed to encourage and foster the following: 1) improved achievement for students 2) innovation in instructional technologies, and 3) closing of achievement gaps.  This year, we also offer separate music educator grants, sponsored by Pathways to Jazz!

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Impact Awards

Established in 1992, these awards recognize individuals in BVSD who have an extraordinary impact on student learning. Candidates are nominated and selected by each of our 55 BVSD schools in the early fall, and all are celebrated each March at a community event. Additionally, we are proud to announce the Blake Peterson Achievement Award with the nominees ranging from teachers to community members and the winner chosen by the Impact Awards Committee in partnership with the Blake Peterson family. This award winner will also be celebrated with the Impact Awards winners at the March community event.

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Professional Learning Academy

Impact on Education supports the design and opening of the state-of-the-art Hoover Professional Development Academy that trains, coaches, and mentors teachers in a venue provided by BVSD. Training sessions focus on how to use technology and innovative learning spaces to enhance science, math, reading comprehension and other content areas. The Academy hired a Director and a staff person to develop the courses using new technologies, teaching new state content standards, and showing how to effectively evaluate student learning. Ultimately, the Academy is open to any teacher in the state who chooses to attend a class.

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Alliance to Teach the Legacy of the Atlantic Slave Trade

AT LAST is an alliance to bring about awareness and understanding of our collective history of slavery and racism for young learners. Impact on Education has partnered with Trimble, Inc. by using GPS and 3D modeling technology to bring historical sites to life in the classroom. In addition, we are supporting classroom teachers in the development of 5th through 11th-grade lesson plans and curriculum, professional development for the teachers, and creation of an extensive bibliography of books and multi-media resources for classroom use. Two courses have been created and approved by the school board for the 2017-2018 school year: “Human Rights” (middle school) and “US Slavery: Past and Present” (high school). We are happy to announce that the district has adopted the AT LAST program into on-going curriculum for the 2018-2019 school year.