Alliance to Teach the Legacy of the Atlantic Slave Trade

AT LAST is an alliance to bring about awareness and understanding of our collective history and slavery for young learners. Impact on Education has partnered with Trimble, Inc. by using GPS and 3D modeling technology to bring historical sites to life in the classroom. In addition, Impact on Education is supporting classroom teachers in the development of 5th through 11th-grade lesson plans and curriculum, professional development for the teachers, and creating an extensive bibliography of books and multi-media resources for use in the classroom.

Two courses were proposed to the school board in late 2016: “Human Rights” (middle school) and “US Slavery: Past and Present” (high school). Both sets of the curriculum have been approved for the 2017-2018 school year.

Starting out with one elementary (Ryan Elementary), one middle (Nevin Platt Middle), and one high school (Boulder High); just recently added Aspen Creek K-8. At this time are 10 teachers, 4 principals, and the dean of students at BH involved in the creation and implementation of AT LAST.

Below are the lesson plans that BVSD teachers have included within their curriculum.

Atlantic Slave Trade Project: BVSD Elementary Lesson Plan #1

The Atlantic Slave Trade and Site Erosion

Atlantic Slave Trade Webquest

Modernization Theory and the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Project

Analyzing the Impact of Slavery and the Sugar Trade in the Americas

Personal Accounts of Slavery

Additional Resources

Resource List

ATLAST Presentation

Slavery Matters Workshop presented by Impact on Education and the University of Colorado at Boulder History Department – December 2, 2017


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