Impact Awards



This program recognizes individuals in the Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) who have an extraordinary impact on student learning through exceptional collaboration, innovation, and dedication to students. Classroom teachers, specialists, administrators, classified employees, and volunteers are eligible for nomination. These individuals embody this definition of Impactful: an individual who shows an ongoing commitment to professional and personal growth and has powerful, often life-changing, effects on students and/or the rest of the education community through unfaltering and purposeful effort. Previous Impact Award recipients are not eligible for nomination. Click here to see a complete list of previous Impact Award recipients.

The Blake Peterson Lifetime Achievement Award

Blake Peterson Lifetime Achievement Award

We are proud to be on our second year of the annual Blake Peterson Lifetime Achievement Award. This award, named after one of our most fervent supporters, Blake Peterson, who passed away last year, will recognize an individual whose own passion for education and learning mirrors that of the award’s namesake.



The 2019 recipient of the Blake Peterson Lifetime Achievement Award is Mike Medina, Principal of Angevine Middle School.

Mike serves as the heartbeat of Angevine Middle School, constantly pushing its staff, its students, and, equally important, himself to do better and be better! One of his teachers describes him as a coach “who recognizes the strengths in each of his players and places them in the right positions to help the team (the students),” and another shared how he saw potential in her that didn’t see in herself and then created opportunities for her to grow and lead, mentoring her along the way in her teacher leadership. Mike‘s “ruthlessly focused growth mindset”–in one nominator’s words–leads to opportunities for learning and growth for all students, whether he’s thinking outside-the-box with ways for AVID kids to work hard and earn money to attend a once-in-a-lifetime 8th grade summer field trip or he’s providing additional learning on Saturday mornings, after school, or before school. On a daily basis, Mike stands out most clearly in the halls–during passing periods, lunch duty, before school, after school–present and intentional: He knows his students. He knows their names. He knows their accomplishments and their challenges. He appreciates them. And they know and feel that appreciation in everything he does and everywhere he is. This principal has driven and continues to drive rigor, equity, opportunity, and joy at Angevine! Thank you from Impact and the Peterson family for catalyzing such real positive change for the past 32 years on a daily basis.

Learn more about Mr. Medina’s accomplishments:

2018 Recipient:

This award was presented for the first time at the Impact Awards 25th anniversary on March 15th, 2018 to Silvia Latimer! Referred to as a “teacher whisperer,” Silvia has committed her career to transforming students’ lives and building bridges that elevate and empower the entire school community. You can learn more about Silvia and her commitment to excellence in the video below.


2019 Event

26th annual Impact Awards Celebration was held for the Boulder Valley School District on March 14, 2019

We are incredibly proud of the dedication that these BVSD superheroes give to the students, families and peers in their school!

Presenting, our amazing SUPERHEROES in EDUCATION:


Missed our Impact Awards or want to share your limelight? Click here for a video of the evening

Alicia Sanchez International
Terri Mitchell
IB Coordinator
Carries the IB lens in every way she supports students
Angevine Middle
Susan Montoya
Support Secretary, Webmaster, Student Council Sponsor
Exemplifies this district, a staple in the community
Arapahoe Ridge High
Dr. Amanda Elsnes
Has helped shape our school’s vision of ELD

Aspen Creek K-8
Jean Witt
Kindergarten Teacher
Ensures all of her “Kindergarten friends” love learning!
Diane Furuya
Teacher  Holds her students gently and firmly in a safe foundation
Bear Creek Elementary
Michelle Wellington

Parent Volunteer
Tireless parent volunteer who has built a legacy

Birch Elementary
Krystyna Pereza

Intensive Center for Affective Needs Teacher
Shows her students unfailing love and support
Boulder High
Dave Ramsey

Brings out the best in everyone

Boulder Prep High
Regina Morris

Learning Diversity Coordinator
Perfect balance of compassion and firmness to help kids become best selves

Boulder Universal
Kelly Carlson

The heart and the hands of our school holding up what is best about us!

Broomfield Heights Middle
Megan Fretz

An inspiration to all, leading by example and innovation

Broomfield High
Larry Gardner

Head Custodian
Inspiring dedication to making our building clean and welcoming

Casey Middle
Catherine Powers

A true Dream Maker exceeding expectations to help students in need

Centaurus High
Joan Louth

Special Education Teacher
Makes us all more effective at what we do

Centennial Middle
Jon Georgitis

Media Specialist/Teacher Librarian
Heart of our school getting more kids “making” & reading
Coal Creek Elementary
Lynn Montoya

Literacy Teacher
Respected, trusted, & loved
Columbine Elementary
Tracy Eliasson

Parent Volunteer
An “angel with wings”
Community Montessori
Sarah O’Brien

Teacher  Wise and thoughtful leader
Creekside Elementary
David Jackson

Head Custodian
A precious asset, readily on-call
Crest View Elementary
Diane Brenton

ESL Teacher
Makes every student and family feel valued
Douglass Elementary
Leann Mullineaux

Deeply committed to each student

Eisenhower Elementary
Lisa Dings

Principal’s Assistant
Never drops the ball with so many in air
Eldorado PK-8
Mark Call

Elem Music/ML Choir Teacher
Heart and soul of EPK8 with twinkle in his eye
Emerald Elementary
Kim Moroze

First Grade Teacher
Makes every child feel like her favorite!
Fairview High
Lisa Navarre

Social Studies Teacher
Loves watching her students grow into adults
Fireside Elementary
Gay Salim

ELD Teacher
A champion for the ELD community!
Flatirons Elementary
Jan Osburn

Music Teacher
Makes choir “cool”!

Foothill Elementary
Anne Matheny

Kindergarten Enrichment Teacher 
Inspires kids to believe in who they are
Gold Hill Elementary
The Gold Hill Inn

Gold Hill Community Leaders
Cornerstones of the Gold Hill School community
Heatherwood Elementary
Jessica Arment

Teacher Librarian
A true teacher leader
High Peaks Elementary
Lynne Dolph

4th Grade Teacher
Brings math and science to life
Horizons K-8
Alice Hartman

Volunteer and Music Teacher
Brightens our world gracefully and enthusiastically
Jamestown Elementary
Betty Dowe
A gift to our kids and loves them!
Justice High
Israel Sanchez
Assistant Principal
Caring and compassionate and goes extra mile for students
Kohl Elementary
Tammi Simmons
Principal’s Assistant
Our Kohl culture carrier!
Lafayette Elementary
Alison Reid
An amazing teammate and student advocate
Louisville Elementary
Ann Godby
Teacher Librarian
Bibliotherapist, collaborator, and role model of professionalism
Louisville Middle
Dave Crowder
Truly loves his kids and makes a lifelong positive impact on them!
Manhattan Middle
Mona Estrada
Theatre Teacher
Inspires and integrates all students into theatre!

Mapleton Early Childhood Center
Anne Palazzola, MA CCC SLP
Speech Language Pathologist
A rock star SLP both in and out of our building!
Meadowlark School
Jo Anna Bustamante
Special Education Paraeducator
Consistently positive, incredibly collaborative
Mesa Elementary
Jerry Beaber
Super Volunteer 
Friendly first face of Mesa mornings!
Monarch High
Jennifer Cohen
Special Education teacher
Partners to create ILC academic and unique career readiness opportunities!
Patty Hernden
Principal’s Assistant
Ensures that no Mustang runs alone!
Nederland Middle-Senior High
Dustin Richards
Facility Manager
Proud to be NED in everything he does
Nederland Elementary
Tammy Forrest
Amazing ability to help students become understanding human beings
Nevin Platt Middle
Karen Hannahoe 
Inspires all of us to be better educators and better humans
New Vista High
Vanessa Dimiziani-Cascio
Makes NVHS stronger and more inclusive
Peak to Peak Charter
Megan Freeman 
Director of Professional Development
Holds self and others to high standards
Escuela Bilingue Pioneer Elementary
Ana Rocio Cox
Hands-on teacher engaging kids and ensuring equity

Ryan Elementary
Lindsay Nesbitt
Third Grade Teacher
All about students in a structured, calm classroom
Southern Hills Middle
Jeff Sanders
Inspires our staff to be more creative!
Summit Middle
Sara Thompson
Eighth Grade American History Teacher
A magnet for each student to share ideas & questions
Superior Elementary
Lisa Nyhuis
Always goes the extra mile, taking care of a million “extras” each day
University Hill Elementary
Kerry White
Volunteer – PTA President
Champion for Uni Hill community and BVSD in general!
Whittier Elementary
Jasmin Mahic
Head Custodian
Connected to every individual in the building

Past Recipients

2018 Impact Award Recipients

Carl Sanchez
School Counselor – Alicia Sanchez International
“Dedicated, compassionate, and tireless advocate for our students, staff, and school”

Barb McGraw
Language Arts Teacher – Angevine Middle
“An outstanding educator, mentor, and friend to everyone in our school”

Carmen Faucette
Community Liaison – Arapahoe Ridge High
“A support to numerous families in BVSD both in and out of school with her ginormous heart!”

Eric Reetz
Daytime Custodian – Aspen Creek PK-8
“An integral heart of our school, caring about every single human here!”

Thia Walser
Special Education Teacher – BCSIS
“Inspires all who work with her to be the best they can be”

Letty Abila
Paraeducator – Bear Creek Elementary
“Supports all our students in a consistent, caring, kind, and thoughtful manner”

Dora Solano
Registrar, Front Desk – Birch Elementary
“Learns each student’s ‘story’ and inspires a culture of inclusion, compassion, and professionalism”

Monique Guidry
Teacher – Boulder High
“A driving force that makes students and the community view physical education as an integral part of lifelong living”

Leah Arvanitis
Dean of Students – Boulder Prep High
“A reliable social/emotional support and life advisor for our students”

Marcia Burns
Registrar, Boulder Universal and BVSD Online Program – Boulder Universal
“Supports sudents’ and families’ health needs, dreams, and goals”

Paula Coffman
Teacher – Broomfield Heights Middle
“No limits to what she will do to connect with her students and inspire change”

Charlene Orvis
Athletic Secretary – Broomfield High
“The enthusiastic face of Broomfield High School!”

Emily Meraqui
Teacher – Casey Middle
“Sets a high standard of excellence with her growth mindset”

Brian Thomas
Teacher – Centaurus High
“Has really given our students a chance to see that their dreams can indeed come true”

Hillary Culbertson
Teacher – Centennial Middle
“Created a positive difference in our student affect, caring, grades, behavior, and attendance”

Sara Remington
Principal’s Assistant – Coal Creek Elementary
“An amazing, caring, efficient, intelligent, strategic, and humorous individual”

Claudia Urrutia
Family Outreach Coordinator – Columbine Elementary
“Connects with everyone everyday and empowers others to also make an impact”

Mariathas Solomon
Head Custodian – Community Montessori
“Understands the importance of student and self-education and dedication”

Alissa Sims
Parent Volunteer – Creekside Elementary
“Our Roman candle, steadfast in her belief that every child deserves the best education”

Becky Houghton
Third Grade Teacher – Crest View Elementary
“Has the ability to notice and bring out the light shining in each individual child everyday”

Nicky Kroge
Literacy/Special Education Resource Teacher – Douglass Elementary
“Working always with the greater good in mind to help all students reach their potentials”

Toni Estoque
Kindergarten Teacher – Eisenhower Elementary
“The bedrock of our Kindergarten program and foundation setter for teaching and learning”

MarLynn Carson
Paraeducator – Eldorado K-8
“Embodies the heart and soul of Eldorado K-8 with her positive light and commitment”

Jo-Lynn Daly
Social Worker – Emerald Elementary
“Ensures every person in our community has support to be emotionally and socially happy and healthy”

Susie Ashbee
Principal’s Assistant – Escuela Bilingue Pioneer
“Biggest attribute is her heart, caring deeply for everyone in our learning community”

Kathy Hicks
Teacher – Fairview High
“An influential person in the lives of all students, caring for them as learners and as individuals”

Amber Billington
3rd Grade Teacher – Fireside Elementary
“An exceptional ability to create a safe, inclusive environment and empower students”

Rhonda Simpson
Principal’s Assistant – Flatirons Elementary
“The first welcoming face we see in the building!”

Grace Matthews
Nutrition Services, Cafeteria Lead – Foothill Elementary
“Fiercely protective and committed to sstudents getting the fuel they need to succeed”

Jojo Morrison
Gold Hill School Manager – Gold Hill School
“Does everything at Gold Hill, working in so many supportive roles”

Sylvia Ray
ILC Teacher – Heatherwood Elementary
“Inspires all with her dedication and skill in supporting students with intense needs”

Valerie Seiler
Parent Volunteer – High Peaks Elementary
“Could not ask for a more supportive, committed, calm, and kind parent”

Lynn Pence
Teacher – Horizons K-8
“Believes that all students can accomplish great things”

Beth Brotherton
Principal’s Assistant – Jamestown Elementary
“The heart of our school, impacting every single person in it”

Therese Lutkus
Teacher – Kohl Elementary
“Consistently creates an innovative classroom and impacts students outside it”

Debbie Eck
Principal’s Assistant – Lafayette Elementary
“Consistently ensures that all students, staff, and parents have what they need to succeed”

Pat Stahl
ILC Teacher – Louisville Elementary
“The leader and model of inclusion in our community”

Shelagh Turner
Teacher – Louisville Middle
“Empowers students to be empathetic, adventurous learners for life”

Daniel Tomlin (DT)
Science Teacher – Manhattan Middle
“A human uniqueness, motivating students to do their best and find the fun in science and life”

Claudia Flores
Health Room Paraeducator – Mapleton Early Childhood Center
“Works to ensure students’ health needs are met to give them a strong start”

Denise Pfnister
Principal’s Assistant – Meadowlark School
“Always puts student success at the forefront of every decision”

Heidi Orr
Teacher – Mesa Elementary
“A humble, unsung hero and heart”

Rudy Sumpter
Teacher – Monarch High
“Everything driven by kids’ best interests no matter the work!”

Dan Pinkston
Instrumental Music Teacher – Monarch PK-8
“Brings a high level of integrity to his work”

Randy Sachter
Teacher Librarian – Nederland Elementary
“Embodies innovation and collaboration to help us grow!”

Mark Mabbett
Librarian – Nederland Middle/Senior
“Continuously supporting and creating innovative opportunities for all students”

Stephen Shepherd
Teacher – New Vista High
“Tirelessly dedicated to bringing out students’ very best any and every way he can”

Renay Ulibarri
Lead Custodian – Peak to Peak Charter
“Inspires each of us to aim higher with her partnership, innovation, and compassion”

Andy McCullough
Volunteer – Ryan Elementary
“An amazing leader, volunteer, and support for our students”

Regina Hoskins
Teacher Librarian – Southern Hills Middle
“A model of 21st century lifelong learning and collaboration for our community”

Paul Jimenez
Custodian – Summit Middle Charter
“Transformed our school, modeling the importance of doing one’s best and valuing community”

Jose Silva
Custodian – Superior Elementary
“The best and most dedicated there is!”

Mary Gilreath
Teacher – University Hill Elementary
“Always strives to become better for her school and her students”

Tamar VanVliet
ELD/Title One Teacher – Whittier Elementary
“A gentle yet powerful voice always willing to do the needed for our school”

2016 Impact Award Recipients

Elizabeth Burrows
School Counselor
Summit Middle School


Tracy Halgren
Crest View Elementary School


Chris Mueller
First Grade Teacher
Escuela Bilingüe Pioneer


Traci Schoeneweis
Director of the Executive Office
Peak to Peak K-12 Charter School


Samara Williams
Samara Williams
Emerald Elementary School


Dave Blessing, Judy Gilligan, Katie Graf, Dean Stankovic, Tracy Stegall


Sarah Bennett, Shannon Burgert, Sennen Knauer, Kyle Mathews, Ned Levine


Russ Lucero, Wendy Pearson, Kurt Schaefer, Stephanie Van Horn, John Williams


Cheryl McCarthy, Ray Neiman, Justin Oberndorf, Virginia Schick, Clara Quinlan


Mary Campbell, Renee Cerny, Laurie Jundt Donlon, Maureen Keeney, Cathy Zimmerman


Corby Connolly, Kristen Elder-Rubino, Larry Leatherman, Kristie Letter, Jonathan Warshaw


Laurie Brockway, Devorah Dettloff, Jeri Eurich, Sue Kidder, Bill Smith


Leticia de Lozano, Michele Hibl, Larry Orobona, Al Real, Barb Steiner


D’Ann Boal, Cathy Cohn, Gloria Diaz-Morales, Monica Olguin, Jeannie Robertson


Ron Revier, Becky Russell, Tracy Tuttle, Barbara Watson, Craig Yeager


Barbie Boschen, Cathy Finleon, Michelle Grayson, Frances Matsumoto, Sue Siggs


Bitsy Carlson, Rosemary Lohndorf, Joan Root, Sabine Smead, Bridgid Warnock(V)


Andre Adeli, Mary Jo Bode, Dr. Ellen Miller-Brown, Sylvia South, Christy Speirn-Smith


Barbara Davis, Harriet Edelstein, Sharon Nehls, Valerie Wheeler, Cheryl Winter


Ellen Goering, Rosalind Hanckel, Beverly Meier, Sarah Obermeier, Naomi Salaman


Michelle Carpenter, Jim Keller, Eric Miller, Denise Pearman, Mary Jo Pelanek (V), Don Stensrud


Linda Leners, Judy Lewis (V), Tracy Rowland (V), Brenda Ann Millette, Al Pospahala (V), Barb Puzio


John Kettling, Paige Larson, Cindy McCaskill, Linda Overholser, Martha Retrum


Stephanie Briggs, Sandra Brodie, Lauren Hoyt, Joy Redeker, Mark Sparn


Elise Billingsley, Susan Garnand, Fred Gluck, Willie Knierim, Barbara McDermid


Beth Arnold, Judith Koenig, Scott Miller, Bob Rea, Barbara Spriggs


Steven Armitage, Mina Jaroscak, Ann Kane, Carol Newman, Gil Norris


Phyllis Clarke, Nancy FitzGerrell, Dee Kehl, Cheryl Rapp, Becky Whittenburg

(V) = Volunteer