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** Round #3 applications are due Nov. 7 **
** Round #2 applications are under review. **

We consolidated our Student Academic Support Fund and Classroom Innovation Grants into a single funding source for the 2021-22 school year. The Academic Opportunity Fund will meet student and educator needs on a case-by-case basis.

For Round Three, our final 2021 funding round, we opened up additional funding to specifically support supplemental learning and tutoring programs. We’ve seen the success of such school-driven programs in helping targeted students since last year, and we are prioritizing those requests in our final round.

In Round one, we were able to meet the needs of 24 applications from educators and administrators to address needs including classroom materials and curriculum, ILC furniture, emergency academic help, and music instrument purchase and repair. 

Building on Previous Successes

During the 2020-21 school year we piloted the Student Academic Support Fund to meet individual student needs on a case by case basis. To expand this successful program to encompass educators looking to innovate within their classrooms and fulfill student needs, we consolidated the Student Academic Support Fund with our longstanding Classroom Innovation Grant funding program.

While our Critical Needs Fund dollars continue to support large-scale district initiatives including assisting with supplemental instruction across grade levels in math and reading, we know schools still face immediate needs for academic support.

Needs We Anticipate Funding

  • Class fees (lab materials, textbooks, test fees, concurrent enrollment fees, equipment fees, etc)
  • Targeted student supplemental before/after school tutoring
  • Technology (software licenses, supplemental necessary equipment, etc.)
  • Supplemental equipment (supplies for individual students)
  • Transportation expenses (bus passes, bike repair, etc.) for students
  • Academic tutoring, test prep, or other supplemental support programs
  • Music instrument rental/repair
  • Educator curriculum or materials for classroom use

Please use the application form to assess your need and align it with the most appropriate resource, whether it be Impact on Education or another BVSD or community organization.

Fall 2021 Application Rounds

  • Application Round #1
    • September 24 – October 3, 2021
    • Decision notifications will be made by October 15, 2021
  • Application Round #2
    • October 4 – 17, 2021
    • Decision notifications made by October 29.
  • Application Round #3
    • October 20 – November 7, 2021

Please check back here for updates on future funding cycles.

Application Review Process

Every funding request will be considered and anonymously reviewed by community volunteers to determine if

  1. this need is best fulfilled by IOE or another organization, given BVSD and community resources available,
  2. more information is needed for IOE to make a decision or fund your request, and/or
  3. IOE will completely fund, partially fund or decline to fund your request.


Please reach out to with any questions about this funding opportunity.

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