We are dedicated to closing early onset achievement gaps by providing programming that boosts preschool enrollment and kindergarten readiness. Each summer, in collaboration with Boulder Housing Partners, our Summer Shuffle program brings summer literacy and numeracy instruction to low-income youth living in Boulder County public housing.

What children learn

  • The program focuses on letter recognition, counting, letter sound formation and recognition, and name-writing for 3-5 year olds.
  • We also cultivate executive functioning skills necessary for kindergarten readiness and offer healthy snacks during each class.
  • Children also learn about healthy behaviors like hand-washing and nutritional choices, and we complement the preschool component with Family Nights to share resources with families.

Family engagement

Parent and family engagement for children from birth through third grade is a critical part of our early childhood education work. We work with parents and caregivers through regular Family Nights to promote cultures of literacy at home and to support preschoolers’ social-emotional growth. This family engagement is a big part of our work boost preschool enrollment and improving kindergarten readiness.

We want to play a positive role in preparing as many children as we can for that all-important first year of formal schooling, both in terms of academic knowledge and skills as well as executive functioning abilities.


31 Preschoolers Learned Key Skills this Summer

This year’s Summer Shuffle program prepared 31 preschoolers for BVSD classrooms by teaching them literacy, numeracy and executive functioning skills.

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Summer Shuffle Prepares Early Learners for BVSD Classrooms

Many of the children in this year’s Summer Shuffle program are learning in person for the first time. It’s a big change for the kids and a positive start to their preschool or kindergarten experiences this fall.

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Virtual Summer Shuffle Serves our youngest learners

We’re delivering instructional materials to the doorstep of every 3, 4 and 5 year-old’s living at the Boulder Housing Partners (BHP) Community Center.

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