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The partnership

In early 2021, we facilitated a $30,000 investment from the Arly Kruse Educational Foundation to fund targeted in-school and after school catch up tutoring for students at Alicia Sanchez Elementary School and Escuela Bilingüe Pioneer Elementary, both in Lafayette.

How the tutoring was structured

Each program selected the students using literacy and math assessment data and teacher recommendations as well as attendance data to ensure reliable and consistent participation. Because Alicia Sanchez enrolled fewer students than expected, only $21,375 was allocated this spring to provide targeted tutoring to 44 high needs elementary students to improve their academic skills and future success. The remaining funds will be used to implement a similar program in fall 2021. 

Escuela Pioneer Bilingüe Elementary began an 8-week tutoring program in March for 23 students in 3rd and in 4th grade. One BVSD educator worked with each grade level, using iStation to deliver literacy instruction and Dreambox to deliver math instruction.

Alicia Sanchez Elementary began an after-school tutoring program for 21 students in 2nd and in 3rd grade. The curriculum was delivered by A La Carte Learning Solutions, a virtual 35-lesson tutoring program, using a structured literacy curriculum delivered by a low (3:1) teacher-to-student ratio. Although the curriculum was designed to be delivered in person, it was delivered virtually with students logging on from school to connect in small groups with their tutor.

Tutoring results

Pioneer 3rd grade students met for two hours per week and focused on math instruction. Fourth graders also met two hours per week but divided their time between math and literacy instruction. Third grade math assessment scores increased over 30% on average, with all students gaining at least 17%. Fourth graders gained an average of 13% on their reading assessment and 17% on their math assessment.  

Alicia Sanchez Elementary School’s after school tutoring program data indicated that 85% of students showed growth. 58% of the students grew a grade level or more, with the balance growing between .5 and .9 grade levels in their reading.  

The plan for the fall

The Arly Kruse Education Foundation partnership with Impact on Education offered an opportunity to evaluate two different ways of delivering tutoring to students who need additional instruction. Although students showed growth using both models, the success of the Escuela Bilingue Pioneer model was more cost effective while demonstrating similar student outcomes as those of the Alicia Sanchez program.

As a result, Impact on Education is planning to expand upon the model from Pioneer to reach more elementary school students in the 21-22 school year. We are also exploring ways to provide this supplemental instruction during the school day to ensure that we can reach all students who need the additional support. Stay tuned for details!

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