As soon as the spread of COVID-19 required schools to close, Impact on Education jumped into action. As the Foundation for Boulder Valley School District (BVSD), we created our Critical Needs Fund to support students and schools in a variety of ways during the unprecedented school closures.

Our funding efforts are focused in three areas:

  • We are working closely with BVSD Food Services to acquire and distribute food bags to families in need.  Many students rely on school for breakfast, lunch, and weekend nutrition. With our partners at BVSD, we are committed to ensuring that students and their families receive nutritious food while students are unexpectedly out of school. Food is being distributed at nine school locations across the District twice each week. Over 40,000 meals have been distributed since schools closed.
  • We are ensuring that all students will have access to the technology and resources they need to work remotely. We mobilized tens of thousands of dollars worth of school supplies and $10,000 worth of age-appropriate books to support students’ at home learning and we’re also working with BVSD to make sure all students have access to the internet and to technology while they are at home.
  • We are also working on creative ways to offer tutoring and enrichment so that students don’t fall behind. As the School District with one of the nation’s largest gaps in achievement among poor and middle income learners, we are working to make sure that any gaps in learning don’t become permanent deficits.

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As of March 31, we’ve raised over $250,000 for our Critical Needs Fund. This was made possible by our generous matching donors Dave and Suzanne Hoover, joined by Brad Feld and Amy Batchelor, and by the 500 individual and corporate donors who contributed. With school closures extended to April 30th, the needs of our students continue to grow and we remain committed to providing support to the BVSD community.

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