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Student Spotlight: Jasper Brockett

Jasper spent three years on our Student Advisory Board and will study political science at CU Boulder in the fall.

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Student Spotlight: Abby Cohen

Due to the pandemic the Student Avisory Board shifted its focus to helping the district transition online, but Abby is hopeful the next cohort will refocus on curriculum evaluation.

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Noah Mullerston

Student Spotlight: Noah Mollerstuen

Noah is proud to be a part of the Student Advisory Board’s work, especially given the School Board feedback on how to remedy inequities in public education and close the opportunity gap for historically disadvantaged groups of students.

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New Partnership with Arly Kruse Educational Foundation Enables Tutoring for Elementary Students

We’re facilitating an additional $30,000 investment to catch up groups of elementary students at two BVSD schools with targeted academic tutoring this spring.

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Reflecting on the Centaurus High School Lockdown

A local high school students wants to see better guidance for students during lockdown situations and improvements in how schools provide emotional support for students.

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Volunteer Spotlight: Alenka Žnidaršič

Originally from Slovenia, Alenka has a PhD in electro-technical engineering and speaks four languages. Find out why she values education and how she gives back through her volunteer work with us.

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Student Credit Unions Teach Financial Literacy to High Schoolers

There are four student credit unions in the Boulder Valley School District teaching financial literacy skills to students in a safe and structured environment.

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A Teenager’s Journey to Connect Through Letter Writing

Emery shares a heartwarming story about writing letters to friends and family to keep herself afloat during the pandemic.

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One Year Later: How We Met the Critical Needs of BVSD Students

When the COVID-19 pandemic required schools to close, we jumped into action, raising more than $600,000 to meet the critical needs of students, families, and schools in the Boulder Valley School District.

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